Experts in Funding

National Training Systems, Inc. (NTS) has provided cost-efficient solutions designed to reduce workforce development expense for a diverse group of industries since 1985. We have helped our clients by partnering to secure over $220 million in state and federal funding to offset the high cost of employee training.

Our expertise is essential for clients who seek to reduce the costs of employee training. Clients range in scope from large national healthcare organizations, to small specialty manufacturers and rapidly growing high technology firms. Are you on-boarding and training new employees, or training incumbent employees in advanced technologies? We can help by tailoring a customized grant application that will yield significant dollars to supplement training budgets. Our abilities enable clients to increase return on investment for internal quality programs, fund customer service initiatives, and introduce LEAN training to streamline processes and remove non-value added components such as waste.

At NTS, we are expert at reducing your training expense by seeking out and working with available government-funded training programs. Programs we have helped our clients utilize can result in awards of up to $6,000 per trainee, and we can quickly transform what may be a difficult, time-consuming process into training dollars for your company.

Together with human resources and executive staff, we will customize an appropriate training solution for your company with absolutely no upfront expense. The solution is blueprinted and presented to the appropriate state or federal agency for approval. If your company is ineligible, no fees are due. There is no risk should we fail to secure funding.

At National Training Systems, Inc. we take care in helping clients select the correct funded training program to meet their needs, as well as “right-sizing” the projects to maximize performance. We specialize in working with clients in Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Information Technology (IT), Entertainment, and Transportation industries to obtain reimbursement contracts to offset the high expense of training employees. Contact us today for more information and a quick evaluation to determine whether or not your business qualifies for any of the currently available programs at the State and Federal levels.


For an informative presentation on how your company, and specific industry, can benefit from partnering with National Training Systems for reducing the cost of workforce development, please contact us. We will promptly forward information that we predict you will find useful for reducing the costs of developing your workforce.