Unique Capabilities NTS has worked successfully with a variety of organizations, helping them succeed in reducing the cost of workforce development. We have worked with both large and small manufacturing firms, service, high technology, healthcare, transportation and web-hosting.  Because of our core belief that those involved in the work are the real experts, NTS structures our process to extract the best training and funding solution for your needs. Knowledge of a specific industry or market can be learned. Solutions can be prepackaged and delivered. However, the ability to maximize the impact of a potential training and funding project, and develop the highest return on training investment that is implementable, and sustainable is unique. Our skills sets apply to any organization, regardless of the sector in which it does business. Assessment and Training Plan Formation We believe that by asking the right questions, we can find the answers to where organizational training needs are critical, and successfully align training needs with the funding requirements and criteria of a subsidy funding program. The desired outcome of the training initiative, the location in which you operate and the time you may actually devote to workforce training and development all contribute to the most effective strategies for your success.Plans need to be realistic and implementable, and funding must be utilized for the highest return on investment and best possible use of funds. Our training needs assessment capabilities include basic skills, departmental interviewing for specific topics of interest and critical needs, or more complex tasks such as Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award Criteria Gap assessments.Grant WritingNTS clients receive turnkey grant development services including assessment, program design, proposal writing, budget development, and training plan justification within established timelines so that a request for funding assistance is assured of approval as quickly as possible. Competition for available funding can be intense, and the funding can quickly come and go, or be oversubscribed within days of a window opening. NTS analyzes training grant opportunities on a regular basis and seeks partnerships with clients that share a commitment to excellence, and have reached an appropriate stage of readiness for implementation. We then align with funder’s priorities, enhancing probability of success. We guarantee that expectations of proposal quality and levels of advocacy for your organization will be exceeded, and we work on a performance basis without upfront compensation.

Post-Award Support

NTS provides support services to help clients effectively manage the funding program, ensuring the highest standards of accountability. Our priority, when the request for funding is approved, is to help implement a quality program that produces results for the organization. We do this by providing regular consultation in person, online, and through ongoing telephone contact. NTS provides policy interpretation and guidance on the various state and federal programs, data entry of all training activities, assistance with budget management, preparing for program associated visits from funding entities, and post-program audit support if necessary. Post award support costs to NTS clients are less than the cost of a full-time equivalent employee necessary to perform the tasks, and are payable out of proceeds received so there is no monthly overhead expense for training program compliance.